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Frequently Asked Questions

Vikram & Astrology
Vikram was always intrigued with Astrology and was introduced to it by his mother during his childhood. Being a curious mind himself, he would eagerly wait for Sunday to read the weekly forecast in their local daily. As he embarked on his professional journey, Vikram's connections with local astrologers faded, prompting him to seek guidance from new astrologers. Sometimes he went to them to seek advice on important life decisions, such as relationships, career, or personal growth. Other times it was to learn more about his personality, strengths, and challenges, or for many other reasons. Over the years Vikram has found that astrology-based guidance played the role of an invisible guiding force in his life, and is determined to bring that enlightening strength to the public.
Why build Melooha?
Unfortunately, the pool of talented astrologers is limited, and many of them are located in remote areas, speak only the local language, and have little to no online presence or advertising, making them hard to find. That made Vikram think, "If Astrology has helped me so much, why can't I implement a scalable solution with the use of the latest available technologies so that every human being on the planet can be benefited?". With thorough background research into the internal logic and mechanisms of Vedic Astrology, Vikram was convinced of the potential of a hyper-personalised Astrology as a service platform powered by AI, and so founded Melooha.
What is Melooha?
Seeking guidance is a basic human need. We have been going to our friends, family, GOD, and sometimes to professionals like Psychologists & Astrologers to fulfil this need. Melooha is an AI powered, hyper personalised Astrology platform that services this fundamental need. It provides personalised guidance based on an individual's unique birth details, including their specific date, place, and time of birth.
What does Melooha offer?
  • Life insights: Explore the depths of your past, gain insight into the present, and embrace a future filled with possibilities. Navigate your life-journeys with greater awareness, purpose, and optimism.
  • Compatibility check: Get insights into the cosmic dynamics between you and your partner, friend, or potential love interest. Unveil the strengths, challenges, and unique chemistry that exists between you two.
  • Plan your life better: Navigate complexities of career, health, love, or any other aspect of life. Know when to be on the front foot, and when to be on the back foot. Also learn what could be better for you, at the same time what is best to be avoided.
  • And much more: Add your family members, and get all the insights for them as well. Invite your friends and learn more about their personalities, interests, etc. Spread the happiness by sharing the guidance with your loved ones.
What age group is Melooha for?
Melooha's content and features are tailored to be accessible and engaging for all age groups who have access and know-how of how to utilize mobile applications.
Do I have to be an astrology believer, to use Melooha?
Melooha caters to astrology enthusiasts and curious minds alike. For believers, it offers insights into personality, relationships, and life events. For the curious, it provides new methods of introspection. And for those seeking guidance, Melooha offers fresh perspectives on life's changes.
Do I have to pay to be able to use Melooha services?
Melooha's focus is on winning the trust of its users through consistent, accurate & timely guidance on various aspects of life. So Melooha is a freemium product.
What the reason behind the name "Melooha"?
"Melooha" takes its name from the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, a place where "Rishis" and "Munis" would meditate to attain extraordinary abilities. This is also considered the birthplace of Astrology. Thus, the name "Melooha" aptly reflects the essence of this hyper-personalized platform.
What does the Melooha logo represent?
SUN, MOON, and STAR are the three pillars of astrology. The Sun to represents identity, energy, and personal goals. The moon represents our emotions, the wisdom within us, and the rhythms of life. And lastly the star. Melooha’s star is not meant to signify any one star. In astrology, the term “star” refers to any celestial body that looks down upon us, including planets. Melooha’s “star” represents the many stars that create flux and flow onto the different energies and qualities that permeate the world we inhabit. The logo also has the "M" of Melooha, and gives a feeling of an "eye" into the future!
How can daily insights help me?
Melooha's Daily Insights are tailored messeges that provide users with a focus on the most relevant emotion for the day. These insights are based on our Melooha algorithms and aim to offer users a deeper understanding of their emotions and feelings on a daily basis.
Tell me about the "Guidance" section in Melooha?
Melooha's "Guidance" section is a unique tool that provides users with personalized and relevant astrological guidance based on the timeframe of their choice. This helps the users plan their life better.Yearly guidance talks about the various things one should look forward to, or be aware of for the year. Monthly guidance talks about the top 2-3 things that matters the most in that month. While the weekly guidance provides specific inputs on dates & events in that week.
Can I control what topics I recieve guidance on?
Currently the user does not have the ability to control this. However, Melooha is committed to providing hypersonalised services, and so in future we plan to roll out a feature which let's the users receive guidance on the topics of their choice.
How can I benefit from the "Ask" section?
Melooha's "Ask" feature allows users to ask personalized questions on the topic of their interest. Few sample questions are listed below:
- How will be my day today?
- Will I be RICH & FAMOUS?
- Will I get a job in next 3 months?
- Can I be successful as a sportsman?
Or ask anything else. The more context you give, the better Melooha gets at answering the question. Context may include your time, place, condition, or anything else.
Can I ask questions about specific time periods?
It is recommended to ask questions with specific time period, when it matters. For eg., you may want to ask "What is the probability of getting a job in next 3 months?"

This helps the user get the answer to the question for the specific 3 months period.
Is there a limit to the number of questions I can ask?
No limit. Our objective is to ensure the user feels empowered having Melooha by their side.
What is the "Friends" feature for?
Melooha's "Friends" feature includes functionalities that allow users to connect and interact with their friends within the platform, enhancing their social experience and astrological journey together.
Can I share my daily insights with my friends?
Your friends on Melooha have access to your daily insights. Ofcourse you can disable this feature for all, or select few from preferences section. You can also share your daily insights with people outside Melooha by clicking on the share icon, and picking the appropriate social media channel.
Is there a limit on how many friends I can add?
Melooha does not impose a specific limit on the number of friends you can add.
What is the "Charts" screen for?
Melooha generates a personalised birth chart based on the DOB, POB & TOB of every individual. This chart serves as a unique astrological snapshot of the positions of celestial bodies at the time of the user's birth.Every individual has unique personality traits. This section also lists out the top 6, which offers them self-awareness, insights, and empowerment.
Can I add my family members?
Yes ofcourse! We care for our family, and are equally concerned for them. So Melooha is built not just for you, but for the whole family.
Which Melooha features can be used through my family's profiles?
Once you switch the profile to any of your family member, you have access to their daily insights, guidance, charts & personality traits. You can also ask questions of their behalf.
How many family members can I add?
You can add a maximum of 3 additional family members.
Can I update the personal details for me and my family members?
Yes for sure. Go to preferences, to do this.
Are my personal details shared with anyone?
No. We will never share your personal details with anyone, including your friends on Melooha.
Is there any public or social feed where friends' activities are visible to others?
Melooha's social interactions are primarily private between friends. There is no public or social feed where friends' activities are visible to users who are not connected with them.
Can my family members access their profiles on my Melooha account?
Each Melooha account is private and password-protected, so your family members cannot access their profile on your account. Their information remains confidential within your account.
What is Melooha's "Rewards" program?
Melooha's rewards program is a loyalty program designed to reward users for their engagement and participation on the platform. It offers various benefits and incentives for active members.
Do I need to do anything to join the "Rewards" program?
All Melooha users are automatically enrolled in the rewards program.
How can I earn Reward points?
You can earn reward points by inviting new people to the platform, adding family members to your profile, and many other ways. The full list of methods to earn reward points can be found on the Premium screen.
What can I do with the Melooha Reward points?
Melooha reward points can be redeemed for premium features, discounts, and exclusive content.
What is Vedic Astrology?
Vedic astrology is a sacred science that originates from the Vedas, with its foundations rooted in the Rigveda. It is also referred to as Vedang Jyotish, with 'Jyotish' being the eye among the six limbs of the personified Veda. The other limbs include Kalp (hands), Nirukta (ears), Shiksha (nose), Vyakaran (face), and Chhand (feet/legs).

Jyotish, or astrology, is a comprehensive system that encompasses planets, signs, and nakshatras. Within Vedic astrology, special emphasis is placed on the moon's nakshatra at the time of birth, which aids in predicting the timing of events.
Is astrology a science or an art?
Astrology is the science of stars which becomes an art when one predicts events with the help of the horoscope.
What is the meaning of Jyotish?
Jyotish = Jyoti (Light) + Ish (GOD). Light & source of enlightenment.
What does Astrology reveal?
Astrology unveils how celestial bodies influence human life, providing guidance on the positive or negative effects of planetary influences.
What is a horoscope?
A horoscope is the pictorial representation of the stars and planets in the sky at the time of the individual's birth.
What is the difference between Moon sign based predictions Vs Sun sign based predictions?
The moon sign can offer a more nuanced and detailed understanding of a person's emotions and inner self, as it takes into account the specific positioning of the moon at the time of a person's birth. Additionally, because the moon changes signs every two and a half days, while the sun changes signs every 30 days, the moon sign can provide more specific information about timing in a person's life.
What is Tithi?
Each day of a lunar month is referred to as a Tithi, calculated by subtracting the degree difference between the sun and moon and dividing it by 12 degrees. The quotient, plus 1, indicates the corresponding Tithi.
What is the use of Tithi?
Tithi holds significance within the Lunar month. It serves to identify the auspicious and/or inauspicious times, also known as Muhurat. These auspicious times are usually referred to for commencing new ventures, engaging in spiritual & religious activities, deciding the marriage date & time, etc.
What form of Astrology is used by Melooha?
Melooha is based on Vedic, Western & Jaimini astrology.
What is Ephemeris?
Ephemeris refers to astronomical tables that detail the positions of celestial objects in the sky at specific intervals of time. With the aid of ephemeris, Melooha can accurately predict the future positions of celestial objects.
What are the main features of Western Astrological?
Western Astrology is a system of astrology that incorporate solar signs, transits, and their progressions to provide predictive information based on each individual's natal chart. Western astrology aims to provide a psychological context and personal development.
What are the main features of Vedic Astrological?
The three main components of Vedic Astrology include the planetary time periods, the transits, and the divisional charts. The planetary time period is based on the moon's position at the time of birth. The transits are based on the current position of planets in our solar system relative to your birth details. Finally, the divisional charts - division of Sign (used to generate divisional charts) helps in giving the predictions up to micro level.
What kinds of ephemeris establish Jaimini Astrological Guidance?
Jaimini astrology follows similar guidelines as Vedic Astrology but with a few important additions for greater insight into your personal life, relationships, and spiritual journey. Firstly, Jaimini astrology determines great periods in your life through signs instead of planets. Secondly, Jaimini utilizes sign aspects instead of planet aspects. When a planet is positioned in a sign, that planet will not only affect the sign occupied but also other signs whose aspect relates to the occupied sign.