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The Founders

Vikram Labhe
Founder & CEO

Vikram's insatiable curiosity led him to astrologers, realizing the value of a guiding compass. Driven by astrology's transformative potential, he found his life's purpose: "Making astrology accessible to all" and empowering people to understand their own life-journeys.

Before founding Melooha, Vikram played pivotal roles in scaling up successful companies like PMC/Microsemi (with a $10B exit) and Fivetran (valued at $5.6B in 2021), refining his entrepreneurial and business skills.

With his vision, determination, and belief in astrology's impact, Vikram paves the way for a future where everyone can access its transformative insights. He's on a mission to enlighten and empower individuals on their personal journeys.

Bhalchandra Patil
Co-founder & CTO

Bhala's unwavering belief in astrology traces back to his childhood, shaped by the accurate predictions made by his father, a part-time astrologer. With more than two decades of experience in developing B2B and B2C products, Bhala pondered how he could make a meaningful impact on humanity.

Fortuitously, fate intervened and led him to cross paths with Vikram. This serendipitous encounter marked the genesis of an extraordinary journey, where their shared passion for astrology would be harnessed to create something truly remarkable.

Bhala's technological acumen, combined with his deep-rooted faith in astrology, fuels his vision to bring forth transformative solutions for the world we inhabit.

Dr. Vineeta Phatak
Chief Astrologer

Dr. Vineeta Phatak holds a PhD in Astrology and possesses a wealth of experience as a consultant and educator. Renowned for her expertise, she is widely regarded as a revered authority in the field.

With an illustrious career, Dr. Phatak has made significant contributions to the astrology curriculum in universities. Her tireless efforts have greatly enhanced the quality of graduating astrologers in recent years, ensuring a higher standard of knowledge and proficiency in the field.

Moreover, Dr. Phatak has been an instrumental guiding force in Vikram's life for the past decade. Her wisdom and mentorship have played a pivotal role in shaping his journey and providing valuable insights along the way.

The Trailblazers

Bhushan Bhamare
Platform Engineer
Yash Pauranik
Platform Engineer
Ayan Chansarkar
Product Specialist
Pravesh Dholwani
Full Stack developer
Vedansh Dubey
Full Stack developer
Gayathri S
Platform Engineer
Vinay Kewte
Full Stack developer
Tejeshwara Murthy
Chief Architect
Yatharth Jain
Platform Engineer
Jitendra Gandhi
Chief FE Architect