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Feb 13, 2024

The Celestial Link Between Valentine’s Day and Astrology

Written by

Vikram Labhe



The Celestial Link Between Valentine’s Day and Astrology

It is that time of the year again when “Love is in the air”. Every neighbourhood store is lined up with chocolates, heart-shaped balloons, cute teddy bears, Archie’s cards, and dew-kissed roses. All of this could only mean that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, leaving you thinking how you can make the day extra special for your significant other. But, do you know how this unique day began? Why is February 14th called the Day of Love? Does astrology have anything to do with this day of love? Read this article to find answers to all of the above and even get some tips for your specific Zodiac sign.

The History Behind this Day

Finding how Valentine’s Day began can help you appreciate the uniqueness of the day even more. The day dedicated to love and romance is not recently discovered but goes way back to the Middle Ages. The day of February 14 was initially a European feast day celebrated in honour of a saint named Valentinus.  The Saint was martyred on February 14 as a punishment for secretly conducting marriages. It was later on, during the 14th century that Pope Gelasius swapped the feast day for a festival celebrating love. That is how Valentine’s Day came into existence.

Some would argue that this day also has its roots in a primaeval Roman festival named Lupercalia, which was devoted to the God of fertility. Men were paired with women through a lottery system, encouraging feelings of love and romance during this Roman festival of Lupercalia. Cupid, the blind son of Venus who is the goddess of love and beauty, has been borrowed from Roman Mythology as well, as a mascot for Valentine’s Day. You most probably would have spotted the angel with a bow and arrow on cards.

Valentine’s Day in Modern Times

Valentine’s Day is celebrated quite differently today when compared to the past. You will find both Men and Women, boys and girls taking some time off their work/college schedules to shower their love on their significant other, date, or crush. The day is celebrated by going out to fancy candle-lit dinners, gifting roses, watching a movie at the mall, or planning a cozy weekend getaway.  Trekking, paragliding, or scuba-diving have also become popular among Gen-Z. If you are single, take some time off to indulge in self-love by doing the activities that you enjoy. This could even be going for a walk or watching your favourite rom-com at home.

Valentine’s Day in Astrology

The association of love with the planet Venus is a prominent aspect in Astrology. February, known as the Love Month, brims with romance and intimacy. Astrologically, a favourable and robust placement of Venus in your horoscope is believed to bring completeness and happiness to your love life, strengthening your connection with your partner. Each Zodiac sign, guided by Astrology, exhibits a distinctive approach to expressing love.

Preferences for celebrating Valentine’s Day vary among the signs, with some favouring romantic dinners, others opting for bouquets of roses or other flowers, and some seeking thrilling experiences, while a few simply desire a cosy evening at home. Whether you are an ardent astrology enthusiast or a casual stargazer, delving into the realms of love and compatibility through the Zodiac lens can infuse a magical essence into your Valentine’s Day celebration.

February serves as an ideal time to intertwine your romantic sentiments with the celestial energies of the day, enhancing your prospects for love, romance, and fulfilling relationships. Understanding the unique traits of each Zodiac sign and discerning what the day signifies for each sign can profoundly influence your comprehension of your partner on this Valentine’s Day.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day for Each Zodiac Sign

Valentine’s Day appears in the middle of the Aquarius season, breaking up the dry spell of winter and interjecting a sense of fresh and vibrant energy into our lives. Astrology recommends lining this day with your sign or the sign of your partner. Here is what each Zodiac sign can expect from this day.


If you are an Aries, it is time to slow down and enjoy the day with some balance. Share your innermost feelings with your lover, or the rest of the world, if you are not yet committed. Make sure your special someone is on the same page as you!


People who fall under this sign love being tended to. If you are a Taurus, make this day special from the start. Postpone all your work and indulge in your favourite luxury activities with your special someone.


Geminis love chatting away with their partners and they do not wish to go unnoticed. Although you are the life of the party, a leisurely night at home can help to set the romantic sparks flying high again.


If you fall under this Zodiac, you probably want to feel valued and nurtured on Valentine’s Day. Instead of heading to a restaurant, why don’t you try whipping up a dish together? This could breathe life into your relationship and bring in that much-needed comfort.


Leos are all about passion and pleasure. Bring your fiery nature out by turning your living room into a cozy love nest with some fairy lights and peppy tracks. Don’t forget to click all those lovely-dovey pictures.


If you are a Virgo, you derive immense satisfaction from taking care of your partner on this day. Swap your routine couples’ walk around the block and go out for a dinner-and-movie. The change in routine can bring back the zest in your relationship.


As a Libran, you love balance and harmony. While a surprise date may throw you off balance, do not fret. Sit down with your partner and find a place that excite both of you. This way you can enjoy the day, without feeling overwhelmed.


Activities like a bowling game, snooker, or scuba diving can bring the adventurous Scorpio out on this day. It's time to give the roses and champagne a skip and get to know your partner on an intimate level while doing a fun activity together.


This sign loves surprises and Valentine's Day is the perfect day to get surprised. Fill your need for thrill, by booking a surprise weekend getaway for you and your partner.


Capricorns, love to be practical and are born taskmasters. Stay away from grand gestures of love that will not interest you and instead dine with your favourite food under the stars.


This sign does not like to follow the crowd. As an aquarian, set some time aside to think of some out-of-the-ordinary date ideas that might interest you and your soulmate.


Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to fuel the dreamy and tender side of this zodiac sign. You will love a couple’s spa, followed by a candlelight dinner and a romantic movie.

Do not let this day of romance and love go by, without expressing your feelings to your loved one and showing them that you care. Remember, that spending quality time is more important than buying presents. Mark the date on your calendar, block time from your schedule and make it a Valentine’s Day to remember.