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Apr 18, 2024

Day Wise Colour As Per Astrology

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Vikram Labhe



Day Wise Colour As Per Astrology

The question we all ask ourselves when looking at our wardrobe each morning is “What should I wear?” Though this could seem like a simple question, deciding what to wear on each day of the week can become a cumbersome choice, leaving us feeling confused.  Today's colour to wear is a dilemma that all of us go through each day. But thanks to astrology specifically, day-wise colour as per astrology we can get access to a day-by-day color theory that is in line with our planets guides. This can not only come in handy on a busy workday, but can also make us look good, attract good fortune, and even do away with everyday wardrobe crises.

What is colour astrology?

Colors are powerful and can impact our well-being if we wear the specific color allotted to each day of the week. The day-wise colour as per astrology is tied to the Navgrahas or the nine planets. In ancient India, sages have been known to have studied the colors that each planet reflects and came up with the specific color for each planet and the day-wise color to wear to wear for each day of the week.  From strengthening us each day to helping us avert unfortunate happenings, wearing the right color can make our day go right.

According to Jyotish or the ‘Science of Light’, each day of the week has its very own corresponding planet. Each planet comes with its unique color. For example, Sunday is controlled by the Sun, Tuesday by Mars, and Saturday by Saturn. To get the theory on day-wise colour to wear understanding the connection between astrology and colour is significant. Wearing the color of a particular planet impacts the activities associated with that planet. Combining the strength of day-wise colour as per astrology with your zodiac sign can add vibrancy to your personality. Now getting dressed can become not only simpler but also more auspicious.

Here are details on which colour to wear on which day astrology:

Wear red on Sunday

The first day of the week is ruled by the Sun and the most ideal color to wear on this day is Red. The Sun is believed to be a reflection of one’s soul and can bring in a surge of positive energy, along with good health. The best way to tap into the Sun’s energy is by wearing Red. You can go all out with your entire attire in red or simply wear a pair of red socks.

Dress in White on Monday

The Moon is the ruler of Monday, making Mondays all about paying attention to your Yin and harnessing feminine energy. To appease the moon, you must seek to reduce your stress and activity levels. White is the colour for Mondays.  Make sure to wear white or use that pearl necklace lying in your closet. With the Moon being a part of the community of planets, this is the day to connect with friends while being dressed in White.

Glam up in Red on Tuesday

Tuesdays are ruled by the fiery planet of Mars which brings in energy and a zest for life. This feisty planet is known to bring in aggression, making Tuesdays a great day to pursue sports or indulge in competitions. Mars is also considered to be an engineer, making this day ideal for conducting research or attending Math class. Honor and good intentions are the other things associated with Tuesday.  Just like Sundays, you can make the most of this day by dressing up in Red or wearing a necklace made of Red Coral.

Put on Green on Wednesday

Ruled by Mercury, this day is known for bringing vibes of merrymaking, childlike energy, and quick intellect. Wednesdays are the best days to pay attention to your mind and take care of yourself. Green is the color that represents Mercury, so it would be the best time to take out that green shirt or dress. Adding your emerald necklace or ring will complete the look for the day.

Clothe yourself in Yellow on Thursday

The day of Thursday is ruled by the planet of Jupiter, which brings in good luck and abundance. Jupiter denotes generosity and goodness making it an ideal day to perform acts of service for a good cause. Wearing the colour Yellow can bring in more abundance and luck. Search your wardrobe for something in shades of yellow. Wearing an amber ring can add to the luck that Thursday brings.

Put on White on Friday

Fridays are ruled by Venus which is known as the planet of the arts. This is the best day to explore your artistic side. Get creative or bring out your guitar. Friday is perfect for music, drawing, or dancing. The day is also ideal for romance, as Venus is a feminine planet, connected to love. Similar to Monday Venus too is represented by White. You can wear white on this day. Throwing in a dash of pink or purple can add to the day’s vibes.

Sport Dark Blue or Black on Saturday

The heavy and unenergetic planet of Saturn is the ruler of Saturday making it an not so ideal day to indulge in social activities or pursuit of materials. This day is perfect to relax in the beauty of nature or try out meditation. Being out and about in nature on a Saturday can help in reflecting on the week and preparing for a new week. The best colors to wear on this day are Dark Blue or Black.

Choose your colors as per Zodiac Sign

Apart from choosing a color based on the days of the week, you can also dress up in colors specifically meant for your zodiac sign. Given below are details on which colour you can wear on which day as per astrology.

  • Aries: Tuesday is your lucky day and the colors you can wear are Pink, Maroon, Red, White, and Yellow.
  • Taurus: Friday is the day to dress up in dreamy colors like Cream, White, or Sky Blue.
  • Gemini: Wednesday is your day and the best way to welcome it would be to don yourselves in Sky Blue, Royal Blue, White, or Light Green.
  • Cancer: There are no Monday blues for you as this is the day to dress up in Yellow, Orange or White.
  • Leo: On the first day of the week, Sunday is the best day to pick out clothes in the colors Orange, Mustard Yellow, and Yellow.
  • Virgo: Wednesday is the day for you to wear colors like Dark Green, Grey, Off-White, Royal Blue, or Light Green. These colors will bring you the most benefits.
  • Libra: The best day of the week for Librans is Friday and you can make it even better by wearing Sky Blue or Cream White.
  • Scorpio: For Scorpions, Tuesday is the special day to don clothes in the colors Red, Yellow, or Orange.  
  • Sagittarius: Thursday is the day for Sagittarius and the way to make it a great day is to wear Orange or Yellow.
  • Capricorn: This zodiac sign’s special day is Saturday. Wearing shades of Navy Blue, Dark Blue or Purple can add to the extraordinariness of the day
  • Aquarius: Aquarians too have Saturday as their allocated day and can make the most of the day by choosing to wear clothes in Purple, Black, or Metallic Blue.
  • Pisces: Thursday is the day for Pisces. Choosing an outfit in Orange or Yellow can make Thursday a truly wholesome for a Piscean.

Picking the color of the day astrology to wear every day can be a reference point of direction as we explore every day with reason and expectation.