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Feb 12, 2024

Embracing the Astrological Tapestry in Everyday Choices

Written by

Vikram Labhe



Embracing the Astrological Tapestry in Everyday Choices

It was only the other day, I was travelling from Bangalore to one of the holiest cities in the world, Varanasi. I would have loved to travel by train, but I was on a tight schedule and decided to travel by air. I am usually very “distant” with my co-passengers, however, there was this young chap who piqued my interest and drew me into a conversation with a “Oh! So you are into the astrology business…” This comment came after we had a polite discussion about what we do for a living. This young man is from a generation that does not believe in the science of astrology. I was not going to enlighten him then and there.

Nevertheless, I had decided then and there that I need to write about the various astrological wisdoms that are used by the common man in everyday life. This is not to prove any point, but simply to educate the non-believer that even for the smallest of things in life, we Indians use the cosmic guidance. Let me take you through some of the basic ones.

Unveiling the Unseen Cosmos

In a world that often dismisses astrology as mere pseudoscience, it's intriguing to discover the subtle ways in which celestial wisdom intertwines with our daily lives. While many proudly proclaim themselves as non-believers, it's worth exploring the hidden threads of astrological influence that unknowingly guide some of our most significant decisions.

Tying the Celestial Knots in Life’s Journey

From the time we are born till the time we pass on, the science of astrology helps us choose that perfect time to do all our auspicious events in life.

Choosing the Ideal Wedding Date and Time

Irrespective of the religion you belong to, charting the perfect wedding date and time is a must for most couples. This tradition has been prevalent from ages and has been embedded in our culture. In fact, the charting of auspicious dates explores how astrological considerations influence this milestone event, impacting the couple's life together.

The Celestial A to Z

Naming a kid is never an easy job, especially when you have friends and relatives making their life’s mission to come up with the most unique and unpronounceable names. The practice of choosing a child’s name, often suggested by spiritual gurus, is based on astrological recommendations. More often than not, people choose the initial letter of a name that resonates with celestial energies. It is believed that this helps shape an individual’s destiny.

Lunar Whispers

The moon plays a very vital role in the important decisions that we take. For instance, most of us do not believe in undertaking a new activity on an eclipse or a no moon day as it is believed to be an inauspicious moment. In our Indian culture lunar occurrences subtly guide our behaviours, decisions, and emotions.

‍Charting Out the Fate of Businesses

In the Indian business playfield, astrology plays a vital role right from the inception of a new business to starting a new branch of an already established venture.

Astro-Muhurat for Business Ventures

People have used astrology from ages to benefit in business. The charting of the stars help businesses and establishments make informed decisions, thereby avoiding costly mistakes. Apart from these, the positions of the stars and planets help astrologers gain insight into the potential outcomes of certain decisions.

In addition, astrology can also help businesses gain insight into the character and personality of potential business partners. This divination can help businesses make informed decisions on who and what kind of people or ventures to partner with. Last but not the least, astrology can help businesses determine the best times to take certain business actions. By looking at the positions of the planets and stars, astrologers can determine the most favourable times for certain activities such as launching a new product or starting a new business venture.

Screen Time for Astrology in the Movie Industry

Astrology has had a limited direct impact on the film industry in terms of influencing creative decisions or shaping narratives. However, it has indirectly contributed in various ways. For instance, many filmmakers and production studios consult an astrologer to find the most favourable dates to release a film. Writers and directors draw inspiration from astrology to sketch characters in a movie. Using zodiac signs and personality traits associated with them, helps filmmakers create characters that are more nuanced and with believable personalities. Astrology can be integrated into the marketing and promotional strategies for films too.

Election Nomination Muhurts

The Indian political scenario runs on the vote banks and the play of stars. Right before the nomination process, most of our politicians believe that a right time would help them win that coveted constituency seat.

While astrology has played a cultural and historical role in India, political success is typically influenced by a multitude of factors, including leadership skills, geopolitical circumstances, economic conditions, and public sentiment. The impact of astrological decisions on political outcomes is often subjective and open to interpretation.

For example, during the Maurya era, Chanakya, the chief advisor to Chandragupta Maurya, is said to have used astrological insights to predict the decline of the Nanda dynasty and the rise of Chandragupta. This genius of a kingmaker, is believed to have chosen an auspicious time to start a rebellion against the Nandas. The war led to the decline of the Nandas and the establishment of the Maurya Empire.

In the recent past, Ms Indira Gandhi is also believed to have shown an interest in astrology. It is said that she consulted astrologers for advice on important political decisions. However, this is difficult to quantify, and opinions on its significance vary.


Astrology has been a fascinating and enduring aspect of human culture and as we unravel the subtle ways astrology seeps into the fabric of our lives, it becomes evident that celestial wisdom has quietly guided human choices for centuries. Astrology has offered insights into the complex interplay between celestial events and individual choices. While sceptics may dismiss it as pseudoscience, many individuals find comfort and guidance in the intricate web of astrological influences on their daily life decisions. Having said that, on a neutral front, these influences don't necessarily make one an astrological believer, it does provide a fresh perspective on how the cosmic dance of the stars help guide both celebrities and common man. Whether one sees it as a guiding force or a mere coincidence, the exploration of astrological influences on our choices adds a layer of depth to our understanding of human behaviour.