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Dec 28, 2023

Astrology - An Expression of Energy

Written by

Srikant Tadigadapa



Astrology - An Expression of Energy

According to our Vedic Philosophies,Every species born on the planet Earth is composed out of the causal universe five subtle  elements or  Panchamahabhutas - Agni, Vayu, Jala, Prithvi, and Akasa. When life on Earth ends, we will ultimately merge with Panchamahabhutas. Indeed all the physical, mental and material manifestation is energy.

According to Taittiriyopanisad Brahmananda - Valli

Tasmadva etasmadatmana akash sambhutah |
Akasadvayuh | Vayoragnih | Agnerapah |
Adbhyah prithvi | Prithivya osadhayah ||
Osadhibhyosnam Annat purusah |

From that atman (Supreme soul) space came into being from space, wind; from wind, fire; from fire, water; from water, earth; from earth, plants; from plants, food and from food, man came into being.

The Brahma Gyana Tantram which is quoted in the Sharada Tilakam. Here the mapping is

Earth (Prithvi) Bone, flesh, skin, nerve and hair. Water (Jala) Saliva, urine, semen, blood and marrow. Fire (Agni) Hunger, thirst, fear, sleep, lethargy and tiredness. Air (Vayu) Swift movement, jump, eating, contraction and expansion. Ether (Akasa) like: Anger, jealousy, shame, fear and delusion.

The reason the natal horoscope is drawn at the exact time of the birth is, at that moment the newborn begins to exchange energy with the universe, uninfluenced by the energies of the mother. At the moment of the first breath, the infant begins his own rhythm of life; establishes his own individuality and harmonizes with the energies of the universe.

Astrology and Life Energies

The attuned energies and energy patterns are established in an individual at birth and continue to operate within during the entire course of life. The predestination or the karma, as explained in astrology can be defined as initial harmonization of the energies of the cosmos that takes place at birth. Thus, the way in which an individual can channelise these energies in this birth and the way these energy patterns manifest and drive him to self actualisation can be understood with “Astrology”as one of tools.

According to classification by Brihat Parasara 3.20, the planets are connected to the five elements.

agnibhūminabhastoyavāyavaḥ kramato dvija।  
bhaumādīnāṁ grahāṇāṁ ca tattvānīti yathākramam॥

The Grahas govern fire (Agni), earth (Bhūmi), ether (Akasa), water  (Jala), and air (Vayu)
Mars (Agni/Fire), Mercury (Prithvi/Earthy), Jupiter (Ether/Akasa), Venus (Jala/Watery), and Saturn (Vayu/Airy).

Among the Luminaries, Sun (Agni/Fire) and Moon (Jala/Water), Agni and Jala must mix in the right proportion to ignite the creative fire, kickstarting the creation. Thus Sun and Moon represent  Mother and Father in Vedic astrology.

The Planets, Energy Principle and Expression

According to classification by Brihat Parashar Horashastra from 4.6-4.24, the 12 constellations/Rashi are characterised by one of the elements.

  1. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius — Agni/Fire Sign
  2. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn — Prithvi/Earthy Rasis
  3. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius — Vayu/Airy Rasis
  4. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces — Jala/ watery Rasis.

The 5th element of akasa or ether is present in every Rasi

Energy Expression of the Rashis

Bhavas or Houses

The Houses or Bhavas by definition, represent the fields of experience wherein the actual energies (or elemental harmonization) of the signs and planets operate, the houses should not be seen in any way as a manifestation of the four elements. The primary energies of the chart are indicated always by the placement of the signs and planets.

Classification of House
  1. Angular Houses (Kendra or Karma House ) - 1,4,7,10 - Action
  2. Succedent Houses (Panapara Houses) - 2,5,8,11 - Security
  3. Cadent Houses (Apoklima Houses) - 3,6,9,12 - Learning

Element and Level Experience
  1. Fire (1,5,9 ) - Identity
  2. Earth (2,6,10) - Material
  3. Air (3,7,11) - Social and Intellectual
  4. Water (4,8,12) - Emotional

Just as the energy patterns of  Rasi/Signs indicate specific qualities of experience. The Grahas/Planets indicate the defined dimensions of experience and administer the flow of energy elements.The Bhavas/Houses indicate level of experience as expressed by the elements wherein the energies of the planets and signs operate.The Drishti/Aspects reveal the various dimensions of experiences and the way in which they are integrated within the individual.

These factors are combined in the following way: A particular dimension of experience will be invariably enhanced by the quality of the Sign wherein it is placed in the individual's birth-chart. This combination results in a specific desire towards self-expression based on the Energy element of the Rasi/Sign and Graha/Planet towards a field of life defined by Bhava/House

Astrology is a tool through which our specific energies can be understood. This self-awareness helps us align our lives according to our innate energies, bringing more balance and direction towards self-actualisation.